✅ Daily ideas so no more staring at blank screen

✅ Live sessions to get you accountable and stay motivated

✅ Curated training, tools, templates saving you 100 hours of doom scrolling

Invest for £1 per day

❌ No more FOMO looking at your competitors

❌ No more feeling isolated and overwhelmed

❌ No more spending too much time on Canva

Looking for a way to slay with time to spare for netflix and chill? We’ve got you!

Girl Brand Content Club is like a marketing book club.

This club is where you get daily support and free resources to build your content marketing.

Girl Brand is a brain child of Upgrading Women Media Group and will provide insider recommendations and discount codes for when you’re stuck in content paralysis.

You will be among ambitious, kind and warm women who share the determination to grow their online presence. This is a safe and empathetic place for women with not much time in their day but they know that by sharing their content they can grow.

More importantly, women who have joined this club aren’t experts in social media. No. Our members joined because they’ve already tasted a small win during our free masterclass!

Only 1 in 5 business that reach the £1 million threshold are run by women.

Let’s increase that number together!

🌈 Imagine if you could:

✅ apply marketing agency's best practices without spending >£10,000 🛍

✅ send a free text to a strategist to sense-check your content idea 💌

✅ be hyped and held accountable by fellow female forces 🎯

Be a part of a 🦄 community that never runs out of ideas

❎ no more mental block: what to talk about on your social 🙇🏾‍♀️

❎ no more self-consciousness in publishing photos and videos 🤳🏾

❎ no more procrastination due to chasing perfection (no such thing!) 💁🏻‍♀️

Meet your hype women:

Rebecca Leppard

I've been where you are: rat-racing towards the corner office... starting (and failing) multiple hustles.

Yes, I'm not embarassed to say that I have launched AND closed websites and Instagram accounts.

I have been an employee in both thriving and toxic teams.

I have been a boss several times over.

And now I want to be alongside you when you're building YOUR empire.

I want to be the one with whom you bounce ideas. Come sit with me, a mother of 3 👶🏽 who knows how NOT to burn out!

Emily Cook

Hiii, it's me 👋 your friendly neighborhood marketer with a serious passion for female entrepreneurship!

I spend several hours a day researching, designing and posting hyper-valuable content.

Yes, it's a lot of time but that's my job as Head of Growth.

But you have a business to run. Client calls to jump on.

So why does it feel like you're always spending time creating content?

It's a serious time sink but we're here to keep you from drowning!

Start applying our know-how and

see results in 28 days!

£47/month or £30/month when paid annually


💄Prompts on tap

💄Trending-event calendar

💄Templates + top tips


💃🏽 Guided live content coworking

💃🏽 Ask-me-anything chatroom

💃🏽 Live group training


👠 Network in a safe space

👠 Opportunities to collaborate

👠 WhatsApp and Slack group channels

Kickstart your content strategy with our

monthly Content Workshops

Getting started is easy

Access our Girl Brand Slack group from day 1 and start growing your brand!



Complete our registration process

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You get as much as you give

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Introduce yourself to the group and instantly make new connections and maybe even a new business!





Content creation is fun again!

With a lot of virtual hand-holding, your anxiety will subside and focus on being your authentic self!

Daily Prompt

Wake up to a little reminder from us to post and engage with your fans, complete with important calendar days!

Coworking Day

Like a yoga class but at the end of it you have a bulk content ready to schedule for the next weeks!

Free Template

You get free templates that others would SELL on Facebook and Etsy. Save on time AND money!

Tool Tutorial

Learn at your own pace.

Things you usually learn from Youtube & Tiktok but without the noise

Live Training

Interactive marketing training with our CEO and guest speakers with different expertise from around the world.

Podcast Pitches

Get weekly feed on podcast hosts who are actively looking for guests, so you can apply to be featured!

Choose your plan

Cancel anytime. You're a free woman!

Charged Monthly



(£564 per year)

Skip one fancy meal out. Why not invest in your brand and boost your online presence instead? 📈

Charged Annually



Literally less than £1 a day.

It's a no-brainer 🧠

Day Pass



If you want to test the waters,

or bring a non-member friend to our 2-hour content workshop 🤍

🚀 Steal our agency's proven methods

💃🏽 Sip the feminine energy

🧘🏻‍♀️ Share your blessings

A letter from the CEO

New Message

New Message

New Message

To girls who hustle

Subject f*ck the algorithm!

Hey, you! It's me, Rebecca

My marketing agency, Marketing Women, receives inquiries every day and it breaks my heart when I see a female entrepreneur having to choose between chicken and egg:🐥 sales first or 🐣 marketing first? Just like this lady who owns a homemade bakery 👇🏿

Receiving that message was the push I needed to take this

long-brewing idea seriously.

I needed to bridge the economic gap.

I needed to create a space for you who:

💜 are on a verge of a burn out

💜 are seeking to collaborate to amplify each other

💜 cannot be bothered to create content but kind of have to!

What if I can help you plan all your marketing content this month?

Would you rather shell out £500 per MONTH for a social media manager or spend £365 per YEAR?

A year from now, do you want to be in the same place or

triple your brand visibility, get more leads, grow your business?

The choice is yours. Take action, girl!


All of our on-demand trainings.

A community of Instapreneurs to connect with.

Deep-dive live events once per month.

Easy to use search function to get immediate answers to all your questions.

Step-by-Step templates to remove the guesswork.

Your personalised progress roadmap.

Actionable tips that you can implement right away.

sign up TODAY, first month is free

Choose your deal: monthly or annual payment.

Cancel anytime.

(New prices start in 2025. Sign up now and lock your deal forever. F*ck inflation!)

What fellow girl bosses are saying about us:

Want 30, yes THIRTY 🤌🏾, Instagram Story Canva templates in your inbox for free?

Sure, get a taste of our vibes before you join the tribe

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We work from literally anywhere but the official HQ is in Rebecca's living room

in Southampton,

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Join our brand and content club: a sisterhood of ambitious women with access to affordable brand-building resources.

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Emily Cook

Head of Growth


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